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About Ginny
Ginny considers herself an "accidental author."  She didn't grow up thinking she'd write romance novels, instead preferring to read them.
It wasn't until she started voraciously consuming Regency Romance novels by the dozens that she found out she had a problem. It seemed there were only two types of books; very proper ones that contained nothing but a dry kiss at the end, or smutty ones that included graphic bedroom scenes.

Unhappy with either choice, Ginny set out on a mission to write a romance book that was somewhere in the middle, thus leading her to write her first published novel, Deceiving the Duke of Kerrington, which went on to become an Amazon bestseller in America as well as several other countries.

In the past five years, Ginny has written and published seventeen romance novels, many of which have become bestsellers,  as well as helped a handful of other writers realize their dreams of becoming published authors by tutoring them in the art of self-publishing.

In her free time, Ginny loves to travel, jet ski, write songs, and learn all that she can about becoming the best person she can be. She currently resides in Northern Idaho with the inspiration behind her stories charming heroes; her husband, as well as their three adventurous children and
a fluffy dog named Giacomo.
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